Publié: juillet 20, 2012 dans Links

kinectzoom1KA is an experimental electronic living media project.

-Experimental because the aim is to build different way to create than usual musical,video or poetry techniques.Not techniques but creativ protocols,with a spontaneous and dynamic relation to the media.

– this project uses the language of our mass-production society. .Electronic process in  visual and sound arts as changed the status of the « artist » to a sort of observer-selecter of machines fluxus.Millions and millions of love songs are the noise of our culture while the chaotic drones of our cities are the synfonies of today.So the question is not to add another product but to introduce a poetical meaning by modification/confrontation of ready-made medias.

Aplications cover the fields of performance art(the metal dance, kinect dance), sound art(industrial soundscape/the speech machine/cyber poetry), live music (experimental industrial/ techno), experimental video, and sound for performing art/contemporary dance(Soro performance unit-south Korea, Dance on/off-South Korea, compagnie Iatus-France,Non Grata- Estonia,VSRK-France,KOPAS-south korea.